Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick Picks: January 2013

Since it's a rare occasion that I have time to write a full blog post, I'll be instating a new way of showing what games are playable on a netbook. I'll select a few games from a particular month and use an Excel table for each game, like I've done in the "What you'll need" section of regular featured game posts. Today's quick picks were all released in the first month of this year.

Fieldrunners 2:

Strike Suit Zero:
The (in my opinion) spectacular graphics are too much for even the fastest Kabini GPU.

The Cave:

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (Enhanced Edition):
Too graphically demanding.

DmC Devil May Cry:
Both the CPU and GPU will struggle in this game. Not recommended with currently available hardware.


Skulls of the Shogun:

Wizardry Online:
This game has high memory bandwidth requirements, and it's not hard to see why; the game uses excessive bloom and motion blur.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: