Sunday, August 5, 2012

Featured Game: Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

Great game for the kids Year: 2005
Genre: Action Adventure
Recommend: YES

It's glaringly obvious: Lego Star Wars is not a franchise meant for the avid gamer. Heck, there's no 'game over' message to be found anywhere in the game. But for the 11-year-old with sci-fi tendencies, this game's a blast, not to mention it plays wonderfully on any Windows netbook.

What you'll need

 All you really need is 512 MB of RAM (half that on ION 2, but who has that kind of netbook with that much RAM?) and around half of a gigabyte of hard drive space.

Reviews and Awards

OK, so LSW didn't win any prestigious awards, but it was the 13th best selling game of 2005, behind Guild Wars and The Sims 2, to name a few. Lego Star Wars was named Game of the Year by (who?) and received a 77/100 score on Metacritic. IGN rated the game at 8/10 (great), saying "it has personality, puzzles, cooperative modes, replay value, low violence, a lack of frustrating difficulty, and most importantly, it has Darth Vader... Darth Vader makes everything better -- it's a fact."


Should you find yourself playing this game in multiplayer mode, don't be a jerk and stay behind to collect every single stud in the map. You'll probably get booted off and have to rejoin anyway.
Sure, big blasters look impressive; too bad they aren't any more effective than regular blasters

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