Sunday, September 16, 2012

Featured Game: Icy Tower

Fun little time waster
Year: 2001
Genre: Action, Platform
Recommend: YES
At first, I didn't really see the point of Icy Tower. "What's so fun about hopping up platforms?" Then I read the instructions, and, "Oh, if you run fast, you jump high!" Suddenly, it became a challenge to land on a platform at high speed and make sure Harold the Homeboy got to the next platform. Icy Tower has a small footprint, charming music and graphical style, and a very simple concept. This game'll stay on my hard drive for the foreseeable future.
What you'll need
Icy Tower can run on PC's from the AT motherboard days. I don't think you need to worry.
Review and Awards
This game can't be judged by its reviews, but by its popularity. The game makes the "Most Popular" list for PC games at, and has an estimated 11 million downloads as of 2008. There are some sites devoted to Icy Tower from the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.
If getting a higher rank is important to you, just view your profile to see what you have to do to reach the next one. (I just can't get to the 300th floor!)



  1. nICE gAME... I want this on my Netbook... :-:

  2. Here's the link if you need it.