Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Featured Game: Cube

Doesn't feel like a true game
Year: 2001
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Recommend: YES
Honestly, Cube feels more like a tech demo than anything else. You won't find a polished interface like pretty much all commercial games out there. What Cube is really for is allowing game developers to experiment with level design on the fly and create their own shooters. But hey, if you want to shoot some trolls, more power to you.

 What you'll need
Any netbook will do. Since Cube's open source, you don't even have to be running Windows. Linux, Wii, even PocketPC users can play the game.
Reviews and Awards
LinuxDevCenter had a postive opinion of the Cube game/engine, saying, "It may be yet another first-person shooter engine, but Cube is one that the game mod community can use, without limitations, as the basis for their own creations." The Linux Game Tome awarded Cube with the first Happypenguin award for Best Free 3D Action Game. MacUpdate users rate the game 3.5/5 stars.
Gotta have native resolution? Dig into the Cube directory and pull up cube.bat in Notepad. It should say:
bin\cube.exe -w1024 -h600 %*
Use whichever resolution you like best.
The Odyssey, the biggest, most demanding, and most advanced map in Cube.

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