Monday, June 24, 2013

Featured Game: FlatOut

Fun, but could be more fun
Year: 2004/2005 (depends on region)
Genre: Semi-Simulation Racing
Recommend: YES
Requested by NSDCars5

I really like FlatOut. The graphics are superb, the damage modelling is a joy to behold, and unlike some racing games, it provides some challenging gameplay. If only it weren't held back by those criminal GMA 3600 drivers. At 1024x600 on the lowest possible settings, my netbook gets around 15-25 fps. A GMA 3150 netbook can muster 35-40 fps at 800x600 (thanks to NSDCars5 for that data). It's a real shame Intel doesn't seem interested in customer service, because Cedar Trail could be a great platform for older games like this.

What you'll need

FlatOut doesn't care as much about processing power as it does RAM. While you only need 512 MB RAM if you're running integrated graphics (ie, not ION 2), more really helps. 1 GB is the least I would recommend, and 2 GB makes a big difference in versions of Windows past XP.

Reviews and Awards

FlatOut's ratings can be described as "just good." Gamespot handed the game a 7.9/10, applauding the environmental destruction, graphics, and minigames. The reviewer was very unimpressed by the lack of online multiplayer for the PC, as well as it's "middling soundtrack." Speaking of middling soundtrack, IGN slammed FlatOut for its soundtrack in their PS2-version review, with a weak score of 5 for the sound category. The game was also criticized for its lack of creativity and subjective gameplay. Despite this, FlatOut was awarded a 7.5/10, which is still in the Good category.


If at all possible, stay away from stacks of tires. While you'll build up a nice stockpile of nitro by plowing into them, chances are you'll get stuck and fall back in the race. 

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