Friday, June 29, 2012

Featured Game: StarCraft

Need I say more? Year: 1998
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Recommend: YES

Ah, StarCraft. I have many fond memories of getting my butt kicked by my older friends and having a blast anyway. This is a must-have for any netbook, and the 2-D graphics won't overload the integrated graphics in most netbooks.

What you'll need

You need a netbook. And Windows. That's really it.

Reviews and Awards

Wikipedia lists no less than 7 awards for StarCraft, some of which are Game of the Year by 5 different sites. The game also made two Greatest Games of All Time lists, one from GameInformer and one from GameSpot. StarCraft also received largely positive reviews from numerous sources.


Want to play StarCraft in widescreen? Read the description of my video to find out how!

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