Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Introduction to the 3rd Generation Intel Atom Processors

Cedar Trail-M netbooks feature the same sticker as Pineviews
Cedar Trail-M is Intel's current generation Atom processor, released sometime in December 2011. These are much more suitable for gaming than previous generations, as Intel beefed up the GPU considerably. Currently there are 2 flavors of Cedar Trail, the N2600 and the N2800. The N2600 runs at 1.6 GHz and its graphics processor, the GMA 3600, at 400 MHz. The N2800 is faster, with the CPU at a speed of 1.87 GHz and the GPU (GMA 3650) at 640 MHz. The GMA 3600 series provides many benefits over the 3150, such as increased performance, even better OpenGL support, access to 1 GB of system RAM, and full acceleration not only for MPEG-2, but also WMV and H.264 video. With a Cedar Trail netbook, you can run games at higher graphical detail, or games that you couldn't play on older Atoms.

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