Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Introduction to AMD's Fusion CPU's: Ontario

Not wanting Intel to monopolize the netbook market, AMD unveiled the Fusion processors in early January of 2011. The lower-end of them, the Ontario series, consists of one single-core C-30 (1.2 GHz) and two dual-core C-50 and C-60, both at 1 GHz. All of them have a TDP of 9 W. The C-60 is a special processor in that it can boost the speed of the CPU (by 33%) and GPU under load. All Ontario processors have a Radeon HD 62x0 GPU at 276 MHz standard clock, with the C-60 adding 45% on demand. This puts its capabilities at about half of the Radeon HD 6350, more or less. Ontario-powered netbooks tend to cost a bit more than Cedar Trail ones, and rightly so. The amount of games playable on Fusion is far greater than any Intel netbook, so if you're not extremely tight on cash, go for a Fusion netbook.

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